About Man City News

About Man City News – ManCityNews.com is the original, unofficial Manchester City news aggregation site and it was launched back in the summer of 2007 to serve the global Manchester City fan-base which has grown exponentially in recent years ever since the current owner Sheikh Mansour of the City Football Group took charge of the team.

Following its creation ManCityNews.com quickly gained a passionate and very loyal audience and has been developed significantly over the 10 years since its launch with numerous redesigns and new pages.

We have added a number of other news gathering features added such as a Manchester City Twitter widget, Manchester City video news, a most popular stories widget plus social media features allowing ManCityNews.com readers to consume the news in whichever way they prefer on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Now as we look to continue improving the site here in 2017 we have decided to add the ManCityNews.com Blog featuring original content produced by our team of talented writers and you can check back for more on them in the future.

ManCityNews.com is an unofficial website and is in no way connected to or affiliated with Manchester City Football Club.