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CAS Speak Out On When A Verdict Will Be Reached On Manchester City’s Appeal

CAS Speak Out On When A Verdict Will Be Reached On Manchester City’s Appeal

Manchester City have officially submitted their appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against their two-year ban from European competitions by UEFA.

The sanctions relate to breaches of Financial Fairplay regulations, and include a €30m fine, but City’s chief executive Ferran Soriano has recently stated that the allegations are “simply not true” and that they are confident to their appeal will be successful.

CAS have now confirmed that a formal submission has been lodged, but they also revealed that they cannot give a definitive timeframe on when a verdict will be reached:

“CAS appeal arbitration procedures involve an exchange of written submissions between the parties while a panel of CAS arbitrators is being convened. Once the panel has been formally constituted it issues procedural directions, including, inter alia, with respect to the holding of a hearing.”

“Following the hearing, the panel deliberates and then issues its decision in the form of an arbitral award. It is not possible to indicate at this time when a final award in this matter will be issued.”

This will be a major concern for the Premier League and the clubs that are battling for European places. With City’s ban currently still in place, fifth place will be enough to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

The likes of Manchester United, Tottenham, Wolves, Sheffield United and Arsenal are within four points of each other, and with uncertainty over whether fifth position will be enough, CAS will be under pressure to make a decision quickly or suspend the ban.

For City, either scenario would be preferable so they know where they stand ahead of next season.