City Set To Complete 2 Transfers By The End Of The Week

City Set To Complete 2 Transfers By The End Of The Week

There are not many good players out there City could sign right away. The winter transfer window is somewhat unpredictable, so it is always difficult to tell if any of the rumors circulating the internet are true.

After stepping back from the whole Alexis Sanchez deal which is now in Manchester United’s back yard, Guardiola seems to have directed the club’s attention to the real burning matter which is the defense. Injuries have not been affecting the lot and have been making things quite difficult for City, despite this being hardly visible on paper.

The situation could be fixed soon though as rumors have it Guardiola has set his eyes on West Brom’s Johnny Evans. The 30-year-old who spent most of his career playing for city rivals Manchester United, has been on City’s list for some time now. The good form he is in and the experience he has made him a priority it seems.

Unfortunately, he is quite the expensive priority considering his age. He is valued at £20m which is a lot. He is in his last year of contract though and he might be able to negotiate himself out of such an absurd price – that is if he really wants to move to Manchester City. While he does represent a strong candidate for the defense, he would still not solve all of Guardiola’s lot concerns.

Because of that, the Spaniard is considering a 2nd transfer target – Shakhtar Donetsk’s Fred is close to moving to the Premier League with the only thing coming between him and City being the price tag. The Ukraine side wants over what was offered which is £45m. While Fred is good, he Is not worth that. Not now at least. If City can negotiate and lower the price to under £35m then it would be good business.

There are no official updates regarding these two transfers but it is very likely to see Guardiola push for an early agreement as he would not want to wait until the 31st to see if he does get reinforcements or not.