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Eight New Rules Fans Need To Be Aware Of Ahead Of Premier League Return

Eight New Rules Fans Need To Be Aware Of Ahead Of Premier League Return

Manchester City take on Arsenal this evening in one of the first Premier League games for three months, but there are a number of changes that fans will need to take note of.

The behind-closed-doors match at the Etihad Stadium will have a number of new rules that players and officials will have to be abide by:

  • Social distancing and hygiene will be enforced so there will be no spitting, clearing of noses or crowding match officials or opposing players.
  • There will be no pre-match handshakes, and players will use hand sanitiser before and after every match.
  • Players will need to keep their distance from teammates during goal celebrations while there will be limited interaction with opponents after games.
  • A ‘sterile route’ inside the stadiums will be used, and expanded dressing rooms will allow players to keep their distance from each other.
  • A drinks break will be enforced in each half, with all players assigned their own bottles.
  • Crowd noise will not be played on sound systems in the stadiums, although fans will have the option at home
  • TV cameras will be in the tunnels, but the sound will be muted, with only audio allowed on the pitch.
  • Up to three substitutes can warm up at the same time, with five substitutions allowed on a maximum of three separate occasions during the match

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