Lionel Messi speaks about his future club: “That is my dream!”

Lionel Messi speaks about his future club: “That is my dream!”

Lionel Messi began his career back in 1994 playing for Newell’s Old Boys at the tender age of 6 years old and was subsequently spotted by spotted by Barca scouts. The young player left Argentina in 2001 with his whole family so he could pursue his football career at the famed Barcelona La Masia academy and realise his full potential.

As we know Messi has gone on to become a true legend during his own career winning the Ballon D’Or on 5 occasions plus 8 La Liga titles and 4 UEFA Champions League crowns to name but a few of the numerous team and individual honours the player has won.

The Argentinian magician has recently broken his silence over his future playing years now that he has entered his 30’s and said this when asked about his future plans regarding moving to another club:

“I still have to play in Newell’s and that is my dream,” Messi revealed to Ole. “But, as I was saying recently, I do not know what will happen a few years from now or how I will be to come back.

“I would love it and I always said it but I hope I can continue at this level to get back to Newell’s because it’s what I dreamed since I was little.”

Some reports are even suggesting Messi is asking for a clause to be inserted in his new Barcelona contract stipulating he can only leave Barca if his next club is Newell’s.

So sadly for the City faithful, Lionel Messi wants to finish his career where he started it all and he clearly feels he does not need to come to the Premier League for money or to prove anything.

In transfer windows gone by Messi was linked with a move to Chelsea not that anything really serious ever emerged but interestingly he has never really been linked with a move to Manchester United.

After Manchester City appointed Pep Guardiola it seemed like there was a genuine chance that Messi could join his former Barca manager and the Premier League would see the man at close quarters against the depth that the British league offers.

In any case it seems like the dream of Messi playing for City in the Premier League ending up happily ever after is not going to happen.

However, you can have nothing but admiration for the way Messi plays the beautiful game and for staying at Barcelona for the length of time he has from 2001 until the current day plus leading the team to so many trophies over the years and scoring he ridiculous amount of goals he has.

Pep Guardiola is reshaping the Manchester City style of play from top to bottom with devastating effect so far this season on all fronts and by the looks of things he is going to deliver in spectacular fashion for City without the need to sign such a legendary and pure talent as Lionel Messi. Although given the chance you know Guardiola would jump at the chance to bring the magic of Messi to Manchester.