Manchester City Come Out On Top Of Record Breaking Winter Transfer Window

Manchester City Come Out On Top Of Record Breaking Winter Transfer Window

No one can complain about how Manchester City managed this winter transfer window. City made an impressive acquisition and even though they missed out on two other big names, fans should be happy with the way things went down as the team filled the only genuine potential weakness in their squad and lost no players unlike Arsenal for instance who added two big players but lost two big players too.

Aymeric Laporte is no impulse buy. He has been on the Guardiola’s radar for at least 2 years and for good reason. He is very likely to be featured in this summers’ World Cup which would surely increase his price. It was the best moment to sign the 23-year-old who despite costing a lot, is still good business.

Aside from the Frenchman, City also secured the services of 21-year-old right winger Jack Harrison and 20-year-old center-back Philippe Sandler. Both were sent on loan though so their signings will not influence the current squad. Mangala was sent on loan to Everton which could be a guarantee Guardiola is placing his trust in Laporte right away.

Thinking long term, this winter transfer window could give some important hints on what is going to happen in the summer. The most obvious thing to notice is that money is clearly not a problem and that when Guardiola sees someone he needs, he signs them.

One other thing about the upcoming transfer window is that City will not be caving in to pressure from players or clubs who are only interested in money. See what happened with Alexis Sanchez who had a rough game last night in Man United’s shocking 2-0 loss to Tottenham at Wembley. Joining City to win trophies should be the first thought that brings you to to the Blue side of Manchester. Money should be no higher than 2nd or even lower than that.

City were looking to add Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City on deadline day as another option to replace the unlucky Leroy Sane who suffered a nasty ankle ligament strain after a horror tackle from a Cardiff City defender in the FA Cup.

However, Guardiola and City would not allow themselves to pay over their evaluation for Mahrez which was a pretty generous bid of £65million so the club decided they have enough strength and depth to cover for Sane until he returns in a couple of months rather than pay an exorbitant fee to Leicester City.

With that in mind, the Citizens are not expected to throw money out the window just because a player has performed well in the World Cup. It is very likely they will buy before that. One last thing to expect based on the way this winter played out is to see adding alternatives for players who don’t excel or perform at the expected level.

Guardiola is not afraid of dropping players who don’t deliver so aside from a midfielder to have next to back-up Fernandinho or someone to compete with Sterling, the main likelihood is to see a left-back on the wanted transfer list.

All in all, only good things are expected from the remainder of the season and the summer transfer window as City will not have a problem attracting the players they want.