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‘Sounds Like More Time Needed To Gather Evidence’ ‘So They Have Nothing?’ Fans Respond To Delay In UEFA’s Decision On City’s Champions League Ban

UEFA are expected to delay their decision over a potential Champions League ban for Manchester City until the end of the season, according to reports in England.

The Citizens have made an appeal to the Court of Arbitration For Sport (CAS) saying the case should be thrown out on the grounds of bias, and it appears UEFA will await CAS’s decision before going forward with their final verdict on the ban.

Fans on Twitter believe the delay is a sign that Manchester City have nothing to hide:

It’s a complicated situation. UEFA could deliver judgement on City’s case before the end of the season, but it seems they are not confident of winning their case at CAS, which will be a boost to City’s chances of escaping punishment.

IF CAS do side with UEFA, though, the investigation’s chief Yves Leterme is expected to recommend a ban to the adjudicatory chamber of Uefa’s club financial control body. If that happens then City will not play in the Champions League next campaign with the fifth-placed team in the league getting the spot.