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‘Such A Joke’ ‘That’s A Whole Lot Of Rubbish’ ‘Laughable Comments’ City Fans Unhappy At Referee Comments On Rodri’s Penalty Claim

The Premier League’s head of VAR implementation Neil Swarbrick has denied claims that video technology should have been used to give Manchester City a penalty against Tottenham.

Midfielder Rodri was dragged down in the box by Spurs’s Erik Lamela during the 2-2 draw at the Etihad, but speaking about the incident, Swarbrick denied that VAR had made the wrong decision:

“The arm was around the top of the body fractionally. If you look at that in slow motion multiple times, it’s exaggerated. We look at it in real-time, that’s how we referee games and that’s how we use VAR.”

“The arm was around the top of the body, yet Rodri fell forward. He didn’t fall backwards like he was pulled, he fell forward, so he felt contact, can he win the header? No, he can’t, so he’s gone down looking for a penalty.”

“That’s how the referee saw the incident and VAR looked at the replays and what Michael said was exactly that, so it’s ‘check’ complete. It’s been left alone for the referee to decide.”

City fans on Twitter were not happy with Swarbrick’s remarks with many believing it was a blatant penalty:

One of the big issues with VAR is what constitutes a clear and obvious error. Swarbrick seems to think that the foul on Rodri was not a clear cut mistake, and within the Premier League’s use of VAR that requires a high threshold, such decisions will not be changed.

The issue here will be one of consistency. City supporters will be justifiably angry if VAR gives a similar penalty in the future during another match.