Was Guardiola’s Decision To Stop Pursuing Alexis Sanchez The Right Move?

Was Guardiola’s Decision To Stop Pursuing Alexis Sanchez The Right Move?

Turns out City are no longer interested in signing Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez. Apparently Manchester United are now 1st in line to sign the Chilean who is sure to leave by the end of this week. But why would the Citizens give up such an opportunity and why would the former Barcelona attacker prefer Mourinho over Guardiola?

Well, opinions are split regarding this but one of the best we’ve heard comes from Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher as reported by Sky Sports:

“It’s not about money. It might be for Sanchez but not for City. They’re not bothered about an extra £30 million, what’s that to City? It’s absolutely nothing. It’s the fact the man, I would say, has given his word that he’s going to go to City. ‘He’s probably shook hands on a deal. They tried to get him in the summer but Arsenal pulled out of it. I’m sure they’ve been talking all the way through, saying we’ll get you when the window re-opens.”

He might not be too far off as indeed City are now in the position to turn down anyone regardless of their name. The club’s identity was rebuilt over the past couple of years and now players should want to be at the Etihad because of the giant career opportunity that is Manchester City rather than for just the money. If you are interested in Manchester City betting then why not have a punt on whether Man City make a move in this winter transfer window or stick with what they have which has certainly worked well for them so far this season except for the Liverpool loss last Sunday.

On the other hand, why wouldn’t Guardiola consider the money? An extra £30 million can be well spent elsewhere or even better kept to balance the costs so as not to fail to comply to FIFA’s Financial Fair-play regulations. There’s also the fact that Sanchez is 29 while Leroy Sane is 22 and in amazing form.

Why not spend money on a left-back especially given the tough situation at the club when it comes to this position? And why bring in a player who has not left any of the clubs he played for in a regular manner? He always seems to have been in conflict with the management when leaving and he always seemed unhappy for some reason. Why mess with the great atmosphere created by Guardiola and why spend extra when you don’t have to.

Honestly, not pursuing Sanchez was a good choice made by the club’s management who showed what Manchester City stands for at this point and showed that money does not get thrown out the window just because the market prices have exploded.