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‘We Live In Their Dreams’ ‘He Says That Because He Won It’ City Fans On Twitter Lambaste Salah’s Comments About Champions League Importance

Liverpool winger Mo Salah has questioned whether Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola truly prefers winning the Premier League to the Champions League.

Speaking in an interview with CNN, the Egyptian international said that he thinks deep down the City boss would favour a continental trophy ahead of a domestic title:

“Honestly, I didn’t know that he (Guardiola) said that, but I think if you give him a choice to choose which one, he would choose the Champions League. That’s my opinion. I’m not talking about him, but my opinion.”

“It’s the biggest competition in football, so everyone wants to win it. Every coach, every player wants to win it, dreams of winning it. So, of course, the Premier League also is something big, but still, the Champions League is the biggest competition.”

City supporters on Twitter believe Salah only said he cares more for the Champions League due to Liverpool’s failure to win the Premier League last season:

There are arguments to be made both ways over which is harder to win. A 38 game season with many twists and turns show how consistently good a team is, and City have certainly proven that over the past two seasons.

In Europe, luck does play a role in the knockout rounds but you also have to face some of the toughest teams in the world. Really fans should be happy to win either trophy.