Who or what can stop Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City achieving the quadruple?

Who or what can stop Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City achieving the quadruple?

As it’s still relatively early days there are still a few things which could go wrong and negatively affect the challenge. Here’s the different competitions and how it could go pear-shaped.

1. The Premier League

Despite this competition having by far the longest time left to run, it should now prove to be the most difficult one to lose.

With a fifteen points lead over United in second place and only sixteen games remaining it would require a collapse unseen in Premier League history for City to throw this one away.

They can now afford to lose five games, (as long as they do not do so by too many goals), while United would have to win ALL of their remaining games and even then City would still win the title on goal difference. Their current goal difference is 51 while that of United is 29 so they also have 22 more goals in their favour.

The title is theirs, no doubt about it.

2. The Champion’s League

With a favourable draw against Basel in the first stage of the knockouts it would be a major shock if City weren’t to progress to the quarter finals.

Once there they can expect to meet one of the top European teams such as Barcelona, Juventus or Bayern Münich. There is a chance they could meet one of Real Madrid or PSG who play each other. They could also meet another English team and, at this stage, the only ones expected to progress would probably be Manchester United and Liverpool.

Tottenham will struggle to beat Juventus over two legs and the same applies to Chelsea with Barcelona whereas United should be able to overcome Sevilla and Liverpool will feel confident about beating Porto.

Whoever remains there is nobody for City to fear and they have a very good chance of winning the competition this year.

3. The FA Cup

Drawn away against either Cardiff City or Mansfield Town, City will need a slice of luck, as is always the case for the eventual winner, with the draw.

Home ties are always a big help, especially towards the latter end of the tournament when, theoretically, there are only good teams left in it.

This City team however, as they showed at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford, are pretty good away from home as well so again, this is a competition which should hold no fear for them whoever they play.

4. The Carabao Cup

As we write City have just beaten Bristol City 2-1 at The Etihad and we don’t expect them to lose at Ashton Gate which means that they would reach the final.

At Wembley they will play either Arsenal or Chelsea, both of whom have a decent cup record. They have, however, already played both of them once in the Premier League and won both games beating Arsenal at home and Chelsea away.

It probably isn’t stretching reality too much to say that City are strong favourites for this one.

So, in conclusion, all that is going to stop Pep Guardiola and Manchester City winning the quadruple is Manchester City. If they continue to play the way they have been doing for the majority of the season up to now, then it is a very strong possibility but, in the knockout competitions, they only need to have one bad day at the office and their chance is gone.

What do you think? Will they will achieve it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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