How Manchester City Can Still Win The Premier League This Season

How Manchester City Can Still Win The Premier League This Season

If Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are to win the league this season, they need to do more than hope that Arsenal slip up – they will likely need to win every game from now until the end of the Premier League season.

That is what it will take to win the title in 2022/23 – and even then, it may not be enough. With just ten games remaining and a five-point gap separating the two teams, it may be too little too late – but it’s far from impossible.

City also have the FA Cup and the Champions League to contend with. Guardiola is not the type of manager to focus his attention on just one competition – he tries to win everything. As we have seen several times before, this cavalier attitude could cost the Sky Blues in the long run.

It is worth mentioning that Arsenal have some tough games coming up from now until the end of the season. They’re set to play teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City themselves – the Citizens will need to capitalise if the Gunners do drop points, though.

As we reach the business end of the season, City’s huge squad depth could play a major factor. They have a much larger roster of players than Arsenal do – could City take advantage of the Gunners’ late-season fatigue?

The game against Mikel Arteta’s team on April 26 could, and likely will, be a season-defining one. City will need to be on top of their game – another win over Arsenal could swing the balance in Guardiola’s favour.